Called to Serve.

Equipped to Lead.

The Cooper School of Missions and Ministry Studies prepares you to serve both locally and globally, all the while helping you reach your professional goals. The world needs the Gospel, and the world also needs nurses, teachers, business leaders, and an array of other professionals. Students in the Cooper School are encouraged to pair their ministry and missions majors with one of the many professional majors offered at Ƶ Carey. A Cooper School student may be called to the mission field and nursing, to church-planting and business management, or to pastoring and the classroom. The Cooper School has room for all your God-given passion and potential, which is why we offer such a highly personalized program for any student who feels called to ministry and a professional career.

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Called to serve.
Equipped to lead.

You don’t have to choose between ministry and a professional career.
In fact, we believe that God can take your vocation and use it for His mission.

Named for the outstanding Mississippi Baptist industrialist Owen Cooper and his wife Elizabeth, the institute promotes missions awareness, conducts missions seminars, provides training, assists with planning of university affiliated mission trips, and evaluates the disbursement of missions funds. By providing opportunities for local, national, and international mission experiences, the institute prepares students to communicate the Gospel responsibly in an intercultural context. Owen Cooper was the only Mississippian to serve as the president of the Southern Baptist Convention and one of only two laymen to serve in that position.

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